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What we Specialize In...

SK Real Estate In Florida is the premium one stop shop to enable renters to no longer sift through 100's of rental sites. We specialize in providing exceptional real estate professionals to renters looking for a new place to live in the resort market of Florida. By providing a few details of what you are looking for, we are able to lead you in the direction for a perfect new home!


Providing friendly, licensed real estate agents to assist your renting needs.


Implementing your needs into our database match system.


Creating a custom rental consultation for your perfect home.


Providing a secure personal listing and open showing liaison.

How we do it

Our experienced real estate team will personally show you the area, explore your options and help you find the best Resort rental in Florida that fits your specific housing needs.


Our licensed real estate agents are experts in finding the best SK Real Estate for your specific needs


The preparation that we take is a methodical methodology to enhance accuracy.


Our dedicated service to you is based to ensure that our product is working.


We perceive success as delivering you a new home for you and your family.

Our Premium SK Real Estate

We know the right places to move.

Each of our real estate journey agents is completely versed in the resort florida market with a specialization in the rental area. We know what you are looking for and have made a business in creating a customer driven process to eliminate the time it takes to find the right rental property. Hospitality here at SK Real Estate in Florida is our specialty. Let us find your new home today!

  • Lavish

    Decor In Every Room

  • Splendid

    Entrance Way To Your View

  • Luxurious

    Greater Rooms To Enjoy

  • Amazing

    Right At Home Feel.

  • Gorgeous

    Beach Front View.

  • Awesome

    Westgate Resort Properties.

  • Lovely

    Plush Bedroom Options.

  • Immaculate

    Master Bedroom View.

  • Vivacious

    Poolside View.

  • Extraordinary

    Waterfront View Options.

  • Grand

    Pool Options.

  • Thrilling

    Bowling Excitement.

Do you like what you see?

We have internet support to help you quickly and effectively find your next home today!

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We are proud of these numbers

We stand by a product that is proven and successful in the state of florida. Let us show you why our customers always find a new life style in their perfect home today!

1928 Happy Customers
3 750 Rental Properties
48 Awards
24 000 Coffee drinks
About Us

Who we are

We are some of South Florida's top professionals and have a wide range of expertise in the real estate market as well as sales & marketing. Our team is a dedicated group seeking complete customer satisfaction and has the resources to place our clients in the right home every time.

On time Rentals

We understand your time is precious. Each member of our team takes a responsibility to get back to you promptly with a plan to provide you access to your new home.

Full support

When looking for a new home there will certainly be plenty of questions and we are here to provide you the answers that you need when you need them most.

Professional experience

To keep such high reviews we provide the type of professional experience that you should expect dealing with the our caliber of a company.

Communicative team

If you are working with one member of our team then you are working with our whole team and we ensure that you see the fruits of labor.

The team

Our group of real estate professionals welcome you to SK Real Estate In Florida and look forward to working with you soon.

  • Staceyann Edwards

  • Victoria Jennings
    Operations Manager

  • Allan Stuart
    Journey Expert

  • Samantha Baxter
    Journey Expert

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We understand that greatness comes to those who work the hardest for and we are proud to rank at these levels.


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To be the best we work with the best


Some of the properties I did not know existed and they got me into a new rental in days...WOW!

Mildred Roberts

I found the perfect home working with SK Real Estate In Orlando; they are amazing.

Alexander Mills

I was searching for a month before I came to SK Real Estate and in days with them I got into my new place.

Jeff Jones
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Where you can find us

We are located in Royal Palm Beach, Fl. and are well equiped to handle your rental, vacationa and housing needs. Please fill out the contact form below or call us now so we can find your perfect place today!

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Royal Palm Beach, FL

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